The pressure sensor BMP085

Hi everybody!

Recently I had a little time even to program my Arduino and now I’m here writing a new post. What I did was the library to use the sensor BMP085 that I bought for the weather station. It’s my first library so it is not so sophisticated, I am limited to rearrange the test code of SparkFun; everything works on IDE 1.0 and a version of Debian testing I’ve just upgraded from Ubuntu.

The requirements for use this library are:

  • Use an Arduino with I2C interface (The Arduino Ethernet I use have one)
  • A little trick in the code, when you call the library you must do like the code above:
void setup() {
  Wire.begin();  //be sure that this command is before the BMP085 init

For any questions comment please!

You can download the library in the “My Arduino Libraries” page



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